Jeanette Hill

9:00 AM

Saturday 19th August,2023

MASTER CLASS: Creating Characters Your Audience Will Love…Or Hate!


Instructor:  Jeanette Hill; 90 minutes                 

The suspension of disbelief. You’re familiar with the term. Just so you know, if your audience can’t connect with your characters, they won’t connect with your story. Through exercises and activities, learn how to develop three-dimensional characters-their appearances, traits, and voices unique to each one.  Create characters your audience will want to know.

1:30 PM

Friday 18th August, 2023

SPECIAL READING: Don’t Call Me Brother


Writer: Jeanette Hill                      

Andrew Merritt is at a crossroads personally and professionally. His appointment to assistant police chief of Community Liaisons and the killing of another black youth by a police officer under questionable circumstances has the city ready to explode Those on the force are asking ‘Is he Blue enough?’ While his community is asking ‘Is he Black enough?’  Making his job even more difficult is his highly visible and influential, activist brother, Hassan, who wants the police held accountable and department wide reform.  As events unfold, he begins to wonder…Is this promotion a step up…or a set up?