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PNMC Readers Series & Film Festival

Celebrating Our Differences Together

Welcome to the Beautiful Pacific Northwest!

The Pacific Northwest Multi-Cultural Festival (PNMC Festival) is an inclusive multicultural festival that gives space and highlights the artistry of the under-represented playwright, filmmaker, and actor.

Our goal is to provide an artistic and professional environment where under-represented artists can showcase their works to the general public and each other.

The PNMC Festival is part of PassinArt: A Theatre Company.  It’s based in Portland, Oregon.  The company launched the inaugural festival in August 2021.  Due to COVID restrictions, the festival was virtual.

This year in the beautiful city of Portland, we’re excited to host the PNMC Festival in person.  We’ll also host Canadian artists from our neighbors across the border.  Highlights of the festival will be available post event through September, 2023.

PNMC Readers Series & Film Festival
c/o PassinArt: A Theatre Company
P.O. Box 6407
Portland OR 97228

Learn more about PassinArt: A Theatre Company at

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Pacific Northwest Multi-Cultural Readers Series & Film Festival

Portland, Oregon