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PNMC Festival Workshops & Panel Discussions

Celebrating our Differences Together

This year’s festival will offer five workshop tracts geared towards our artist and audience development.  

Currently, we are working on workshop topics for our artists and festival attendees.  Below is a sample of perspective workshops we are anticipating having at our 2023 festival.  Please check back periodically as we finalize our 2023 Workshop and Panel Discussion schedule.

Filmmaker Workshops:  

The Independent Filmmaker Track will offer workshops for aspiring, and seasoned independent filmmakers. Our workshops will cover topics such as: Indie Film Financing, How to Pitch Your Film Project, Navigating a Distribution Deal, and more.

Theatre Workshops:  

The Theatre Workshop Track will offer workshops for playwrights, directors, and those who are contemplating self-producing and/or shopping their productions to theatre companies. Our workshop topics will provide information on the following: Self-producing, Turning Your Idea into a Stage Production, and Scriptwriting 101, to name a few. 

Adult Performance Workshops:  

These workshops are for beginning, intermediate, and advanced actors who are interested in learning techniques to help them land roles in stage, film, television, and digital media. Some of the workshop topics scheduled include: Cold Reading/Audition Techniques, Self-taping Auditions, Auditioning 101, and more to come.

International Stage and Film Workshops:  

These workshops are for those who desire to work in the international entertainment market either in stage or film and learning more about the entertainment industry in Canada. Filmmakers, writers, and live performers learn the difference and similarities between working in the U.S. and working internationally. Our workshop topics will provide information on: Intro to Canadian Filmmaking, Finding Work in an International Market, Navigating the Audition Process in the U.S., and Canada, and more to come.

 Children Performance Workshop: 

This workshop partnerships professional artists and volunteers to create an inclusive, nurturing and supportive learning environment for youth interested in the performing arts.

 PNMC Panel Discussions & Celebrity Conversations:

Being an artist of Color posed many challenges in the past and present. The PNMC Festival examines topics that have long been “the elephant in the room.” Our topical discussions are always held in a respectful and responsible manner. There will be conversations with our festival co-chairs and panel discussions such as: “Colorism 2.0,” “Whitewashing and Racism in Film,” “Working in the COVID Era,” and more to come.